America! Don’t care

Remember ‘Team America’ and the song about saving the day? Well here’s the updated version:


America, don’t care!
Running away to quit a mother fucking day, yeah
America, don’t care!
Freedom is gone away, yeah

Terrorist your game is won
 ’cause now our retreat is all done.
America, don’t care!
So lick my Biden cos he’s got no balls
America, don’t care!
What you gonna to do when we run away from you now

It’s the nightmare we all share
When there’s no tomorrow
Don’t care!

Kabul, don’t care!
Kandahar, don’t care!
Khyber Pass, don’t care!
Bagram, don’t care!

Bastion, don’t care!
Lashkar Gar, don’t care!
Heroin, don’t care!
Freedom, don’t care!

Don’t care!

Education, don’t care!
Al Qaeda, don’t care!
Violence, don’t care!
Torture, don’t care!

Murderers, don’t care!
Slavery, don’t care!
Democracy, don’t care!
Liberty, don’t care!

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