What the readers think

Four reviews have appeared on Amazon so far. I’m hoping more people will comment on the book in due course. At the moment, each review is Five Stars which is marvellous. Here’s what they say:

What a fantastic read! I was pulled into Eldred’s story immediately. You feel like you’re right there with him. Hastilow has managed to make this tale spring off the page, he writes with empathy humour and compassion. It also made me Google a lot and started a whole new chain of interest! Loved it. This would make a great TV adaptation.

Just loved this book. From the very beginning I was so invested in poor Eldred and so angry at the stupid, self-serving bureaucrats masquerading as senior officers with superior knowledge and insight. Hard to believe that so much of it is true and the real culprits were never truly taken to task for their mistakes. How little changes!

Nigel Hastilow is an excellent story-teller and this is an absorbing read especially for those that enjoy a historical novel. This fascinating tale, based on truth, is of a British Officer sent to Afghanistan during Queen Victoria’s rein who is faced with extraordinary challenges. There are dark parallels with our recent history and it left me with sadness that the wisdom to be learned is not resonant with our leaders of today.

This is a cracking good read brought to life with wonderful descriptions of the places and the emotions of the main character Eldred. And what a life – I felt his suffering – couldn’t put it down for two days.